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Ala's 14 Basic Brushes

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Ala's 14 Basic Brushes

Ala M. Lockhart
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A set of 14 brushes that will help you bring your ideas to life and serve as a great way to get started with Procreate. I hope you find them useful!

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Instructions 📩

1. You’ll receive an email with the brushes.

2. Download the .brushset file to your painting device.

3. Tap on the file to import it into Procreate. It's that easy!

4. Enjoy!

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You'll get 14 brushes!

Sketch Brushes
Paint Brushes
Soft Brushes
Soft Waves Brush
Used for Hair
Ink Water Brush
Used for smudge blending
Worn Pastel Brush
Used for rough texture and blending